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Useful Information For Custombull T-Shirt Design

This will make designing and purchasing your things easier for our online design studio.

Ready to go!

1.     Select your products

2.     Insert text and graphics

3.     Quickly and simply check it

4.     Now it’s up to us to do the rest.


Last Step: Preview. Let’s have a look at them all at the same time!


       ★★★It is Simple, isn’t it!★★★


Now, we are going deep for your design.

A.    Choose a Color Scheme

Reducing the quantity-never quality- of ink colors in your design is a wonderful method to emphasize key elements of your picture, such as your company name, family tree, or fundraiser slogan.

B.    Choose Contrast Colors

Choose ink colors and element colors that contrast with one other for the finest printing effects. White t-shirts with black print, for example, or red t-shirts with white print.

C.    Explore Some Design Tools

Try out some of our one-of-a-kind design tools. At the absolute least, you’ll gain confidence in your ability to maneuver around the studio as the process progresses. Another alternative is to begin with one of our pre-made templates and eliminate the uncertainty!

Ç.    Bow text

Twisting lines of text is a wonderful way to add visual interest to an otherwise basic text design. Build a semicircle with the letters or go crazy and make a full circle.

D.    Distress your overall design

The Custombull Design Studio makes it simple to give your artwork a distressed aspect, giving it a distinct “vintage” feel.

E.    Convert multicolor images to monochrome

You’ve submitted a colorful image that you’d want to convert to monochrome. To print your image as a monochrome logo, just pick the “Monochrome Print” option underneath the color after submitting the design. This is wonderful for making black-and-white photographs, simplifying corporate logos, and much much more!

F.    Choose a fun font

With over 150 typefaces to select from, you’re sure to discover one that fits your design’s personality.

Try Multiple Design Options

To determine which ones stand out the most, experiment with different sizes, placements, and print colors. After you’ve created each version you like, save the design and give it a unique name; you’ll be able to go back into your account later to see which ones you like!


Having Trouble Uploading Your Design?

Custombull Design Editor has been programmed to read and display the following file formats:


●     Generally we use: ●       Other formats
➔    .EPS (vector file) ➔       .JPG ➔       .DOC
➔    Al (Adobe Illustrator) ➔       .JPEG ➔       .XLS
➔    .PDF (Portable Document Format) ➔       .GIF ➔       .PPT
➔    .PSD (Photoshop Document) ➔       .PUB ➔       .TIF
➔       .BMP ➔       .PNG



If you are having trouble uploading or viewing your images, please contact us at 832 429 5433.